Zoom In To The Future: Conceptualizing The Regulation For Driverless Cars


The power of science fiction has taken over the modern day technology advancements as the emergence of driverless cars has already been conceptualized and set to be available in the market in the near future. However, just like the normal cars on the street, officials are puzzled over on how to regulate driverless cars once they are commercially available by the end of the decade.

Way before the complete deployment of driverless cars on the public is materialized manufacturers are required to present testified and certified proof that the autonomous cars are safe. The federal state will not assume this scenario to avoid longer and more complicated testing.

Although traffic laws that governs the deployment of autonomous cars had already been legalized in some states in the United States, those governing laws are applied only for driverless cars for testing. In California, the federal government does not only limit their regulation to testing cars but also for cars meant for commercial usage.

The integration of autonomous cars into the public road had pushed officials to post the draft language regulations prior to alterations of the rules in response to public comments in order to get it finalized by December 2014.