Voting To Be Part Of Russia Or Ukraine?



Trouble continues to boil in the Crimean region. Condemnation rampantly grew when Crimean lawmakers voted of putting the country in the hands of Russia and will have a regional vote to transpire in ten days.

Ukrainian interim Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk stated that Crimea was and always will be an integral part of Ukraine. Several world leaders agreed that the said voting to leave the country for Russia is a violation of both the international and Ukrainian law. Such a decision can be considered an illegitimate one.

The control over Crimea has caused tension between Ukraine and Russia. Currently, thousands of Russian troops are stationed at a peninsula on the Black Sea. According to Russian President Vladimir Putin he has the right to use military force to ensure safety for Russians that are under threat in Crimea. However, according to Ukrainian officials, there is no existing threat and President Vladimir Putin is just using such excuse to take control over Crimea.

Political solutions are being discussed to end the predicament that is engulfing Ukraine. On the other hand, Obama and Putin conversed for an hour. President Obama initiated the call on Thursday afternoon. Still, nothing came out of it.

EU nations have threatened Russia with cancellation of the EU-Russia summit, asset freezes, and travel bans. While bilateral talks on visa matters will be suspended at the moment. US also has taken action by imposing a visa ban both Ukrainian and Russian officials. Will all of these pressures coming from both sides, Russia is still adamant. Russia actually refused to discuss anything with the Ukrainian authorities in Kiev.

The people of Crimea are torn between two opposing countries. There are those who are pro-Russia and there are those who prefer to stay under the Ukrainian government. The vote will be on March 16. The people of Crimea have to choose between the governance of Ukraine or Russia.