Vegas Police to Take Hands-Off Approach to Fender Benders

fender bender

Accidents do happen and almost every minute a car accident occurs all across the globe. However, if you are in Las Vegas in the event that you get into a collision do not bother to call 911. The police will probably not appear unless the car accident resulted to an injury for any of the parties involved.

All State Insurance Company consistently ranks 200 urban communities dependent upon their cases information. In 2013, Las Vegas holds the 130th spot. This would mean that drivers in the city get involved in car accidents at least once in 8.7 years.

In such occurrence, police in Sin City mentioned that they use 250 hours every week on sorting out fender benders in the area. In this regard, the cops of Sin City simply do not have enough time to handle such menial cases anymore since they will be prioritizing even bigger cases. By March 3, it was decided that the drivers would take care of these minor mishaps to make the best decision. That means trading insurance data and indexing a report themselves.

With this outcome, a lot of common individuals have mixed emotions about this new policy from the Las Vegas police. However, according to traffic chief Mark Tavarez, such policy has already been used in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, and other cities. With this in mind, everyone hopes for a more positive outcome from this new policy.