Unveiling Sony’s Virtual Reality Goggles


The gaming industry had once again rekindle their interest in gaming VR prototype with the emergence of Sony’s enhanced, less bulky technology, the Project Morpheus virtual reality (VR) 3D headset prototype. Sony, one of the world’s leading electronics technology devices, has come up with yet another essential accessory that primarily works with game consoles to enhance everyone’s gaming experience. Project Morpheus is a system that uses Full 1080p High Definition display with head-tracking capabilities creates a true sense of interactive presence so the player may feel like being in the game scene real time.

This virtual reality 3D headset prototype best work with PS4 game console and possesses a slicker design than its senior counterpart, the Oculus Rift. The prototype introduced by Sony during a private demonstration to The Associated Press at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco is capable to display interactive virtual world with enhanced sound effects to whoever will wear the head piece. The headset has a secured fit feature with sturdy and comfortable snap on halo-like ring that fits any head size. The design is less bulky and smarter as compared to Oculus Rift. Project Morpheus has a promising feature of bringing the gamer into a fully immersive PC gaming experience.

Although, the VR headset prototype is still in the developing process, many game enthusiasts conveyed their deep interest in the prototype and believe that it will bring them to the true interactive gaming experience. The probability of releasing Project Morpheus in the market is very low this year as the developers are still filling up minor slip-ups during the product demo. Nevertheless, developers believe that once the product is launched it will become a mass market.