United Airlines Passengers To Enjoy Expanded In-Flight Entertainment


In United Airline’s aim to provide the best in-flight entertainment to its valued guests, as well as being at par with other airlines’ services along this aspect, passengers can now make use of their own personal gadgets to access movies and TV shows while on board the carrier en-route to their destination.

No less than Panasonic will be providing the technology wherein passengers who bring their Wi-Fi enabled devices on board will be able to connect and have access to about 150 movies and TV shows that are being stored on the carrier’s servers.

According to Karen May, spokesperson for United Airlines, the idea came from the thought that since most passengers take their gadgets to their flight, it would be more sensible to provide the said service.

She also added that the seat back system and the new service will not have the same programming and where the latter will be refreshed quarterly at the beginning and then monthly afterwards.

The Boeing 777, which flies from mainland to Hawaii and back, is the subject of its testing. However, in the days to come, other similar carriers that do not have the seat back system, as well as those of a different fleet type, will also follow. During this roll out, service is given for free but this may possibly change in the future.

Since passengers use various brands for their gadgets, the airline has set different options for them. Those with Apple units can use the iOS app while laptop users need to use their browsers. Android devices will soon be able to use another app, which is still undergoing construction.

John Walton, Director of data for Routehappy, says this technology is already being used by other airlines and is actually a cheaper and lighter option for them as compared to the seat-back system.