Two Studies Successful In Preventing HIV


New research show that HIV can possibly be prevented through monthly shots compared to the current medication that people take which only reduces the risk of getting HIV. Some people take daily pills to somehow reduce the risk of acquiring HIV. With this new research, people may not only be able to reduce their risk but the shots can ultimately prevent HIV through vaccination every one to three months.

Two studies already tested the experimental drugs in monkeys and the drug successfully prevented AIDS. The experimental drug can be considered as one of the best innovations in HIV prevention so far according to Dr. Robert Grant, AIDS expert from Gladstone Institutes. Two groups of researchers are testing the drug and both show great potentials. If the drug proves to be effective and safe, HIV can now be prevented through periodic injections.

Health organizations have been encouraging other alternatives that can effectively prevent HIV since although condoms are recommended to prevent sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, some people do not practice safe sex all the time.

According to Dr. Judith Currier, infectious disease specialist, the success of the two researches can support the experiment for human testing. Aside from the HIV prevention drug, another experimental drug is also being tested for the treatment of HIV, which is already in its mid-stage and may also show great potential for success.