Two Educators To Live Underwater For 10 Weeks To Break World Record

underwater facility

After 22 years, two educators from Tennessee will attempt to break the record for the longest hours of living underwater. These two educators are Bruce Cantrell, a 62 years old biology professor and also a Vietnam veteran, and Jessica Fain, 24 years old adjunct professor. Both educators came from Roane State Community College.

So far, Richard Presley holds the longest world record of living underwater. He is an aquanaut who lived in Key Largo lagoon for exactly 69 days and 19 minutes. He emerged on July 14, 1992 and since then no one has attempted to break that record.

Cantrell and Fain are also planning to break the record in the same lagoon Presley made the record. The team is planning to live underwater for 72 days within the 600 square feet habitat, which is also known as the Jules Undersea Lodge.

However, breaking the record is not the main point of the two educators’ mission. Their main goal for attempting on breaking the record is to once again engage young minds in marine biology and exploration which has been dying slowly for the past years due to lack of support and funding by the government and various organizations. Through their mission, they hope that they can spur renewed interests in underwater habitats like in the 60s and 70s.

The educators will still hold online classes from the underwater habitat and provide live broadcast once a week. The two have been preparing for the past days knowing that spending almost 10 weeks in close quarters without sunlight and other regular things you have when you are living above will affect them psychologically and emotionally.