Tips to Make Your Flight More Enjoyable

flight attendent

You might not know this, but there are ways to make your flight a comfy and more enjoyable one by getting more in tuned with your flight attendants. Let us admit they are the ones looking out for you throughout the flight. So let us look at ways on what you need to do.

Tips On How To Make The Most Out Of Your Flight

  • Never push the CALL BUTTONS except in cases of serious turbulence. Flight attendants really hate it when someone pushes a call button just to ask for snacks, beverages, or to have someone disposed of their garbage. Flight attendants usually pass your seats every ten to fifteen minutes. It is better to just wait for your turn to be served.
  • Giving out tips to flight attendants is not advisable. However, such gesture can truly help the crew since their median salaries are about $37,000. They have longer hours compared to others. Usually, some are earning only $16,000 in the beginning of their career. Tips might be rejected at your first attempt. However, if it is willingly given, then it will be greatly appreciated. Such generous gesture might even earn you an extra snack or in-flight service.
  • Ask in a nice way on how to get your huge bag into an overhead bin. Actually, there is a charge of $25 for carrying a huge bag. However, if you ask your flight attendant for assistance, they will lend you a hand with your baggage problem.
  •  Bring Ziploc bags to properly dispose diapers and other trash. Your flight attendant will definitely appreciate such minute details in your travel preparations. Just put yourself in your flight attendant’s case, what would you feel if you have been handed out a folded-up diaper? Just put in mind, flight attendants are not your personal nanny.
  • Keep feet off the walls if you do not want to get the attention of the flight attendant on duty. It can be an irksome habit that might stress out flight attendants and other passengers as well.
  •  A heartedly given smile goes a long way. Smiling at your flight attendants can help uplift their weariness and fatigue due to long working hours. Make eye contact and smile.
  • Share your snacks. This might be something that most passengers will not do. Nevertheless, such helpful gesture will be valued. This will even help you in the future you come on board again. You might be given that extra service and convenience on your next flight.
  • Let flight attendants know when you are celebrating a special occasion. You might not know this, but they surely would want to know such details. For example if your kid is with you, a trip to the cockpit might be a nice surprise.
  • Always have your carryon bag under the seat in front of you. This will help you avoid being entangled with your belongings in cases of emergencies and can help avoid further delays if such unwarranted events happen.

With all of these helpful tips, you can definitely enjoy your next flight to your next destination. Just make sure that you will not do unnecessary things that can be irksome for you and especially to others. Your flight attendants can do their job and serve you even better with a bit more effort from you.