Thousands Of Stolen Credit Card Numbers In Southwest Florida Sold Online


A computer forensics expert discovered a website selling numerous credit card numbers online. Mark Lanterman, the computer forensics expert, was able to access to website hiding behind walls of servers. The site called “Hackers’ Amazon” contains a long list of stolen credit card numbers. 18,000 numbers from the list are all in Southwest Florida.

According to Lanterman, the hacker and owner of the website already sold almost millions of stolen credit card numbers online. At this rate, credit card users should think that it’s not going to be one of them because chances are higher that it might be one of them.

Hackers acquired the credit card information when users used their cards in malware-infected checkout stations. When consumers swipe their cards in an infected checkout, the information from the black magnetic strip of the card goes to a site prepared by the hackers instead of a secured vault online.

With thousands of hacking programs available online and these credit card data, hackers and scammers can easily counterfeit credit cards and use them for various criminal offenses online. The credit card numbers were sold for about $30 for the regular cards while platinum credit cards are sold for almost $200. The site also sells gift cards, which cost about $7.

To avoid being victimized by this hacker, you should use cash and avoid using your card as much as possible. However, if you really need to use your card often, then make sure to carefully check your statement and look for charges (even small ones) that you think you did not make.