The Find Of The Century Right At Couple’s Home


Finding $10 million in rare, mint-condition gold coins is something that does not happen every day. It might be pure luck when a Northern Californian couple stumbled into this treasure trove while walking on their property. The unbelievable find is now being called the Saddle Ridge Hoard, named after the nickname given by the couple for the area where they found the gold coins.

According David Hall, who is a co-founder of Professional Coin Grading Service of Santa Ana, there are 1427 authenticate coins that are uncirculated and in mint condition. Most of these coins are dating from 1847 to 1894. There are some these coins from this lot that is valued at nearly $1 million apiece. However, the total face value of the bullion pieces adds up to $28,000 plus.

The couple just wants to remain anonymous to avoid intrusion on their property from modern-day prospectors. Although, there are a middle-aged couple that have been living in the property for several years where the coins were buried in the shade of an old tree. The couple is actually to put the coins sale online through Amazon. They will be selling the coins but not the whole lot. According to them, they will be keeping some of these pieces. The money from the sale will be used to pay off financial obligations of the couple and a portion will be donated to local charities.

The find is now being considered to be the largest discovery in the history of United States. There were previous great finds that are currently incomparable to what these couples have unearthed.