Testing Dark Chocolate Pills


Dark chocolates have been proven to prevent strokes and heart attacks. It has been observed that the consumption of dark chocolates leads to certain health benefits. Now, a study will be conducted to make use of the nutrients found in dark chocolates. There will be 18,000 participants, men and women, from across the nation.

The purpose of the study is to find out if there indeed health benefits of dark chocolates minus the fats and sugar. The study will use cocoa flavanols sponsored by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute and the maker of M&M’s and snicker bars, Mars Inc. The latter has a paten to extract high concentration of flavanols from cocoa. These will be put into capsules and made available to the public. However, it will have lesser active ingredients compared to the cocoa flavanols that will be used for the study. The study will involve participants who will be taking 2 cocoa flavanol capsules a day in the span of four years. It also has high hopes of providing results that cocoa flavanol can also prevent cancer.

Studies are very important. Joining others in trying something new without proof can sometimes prove futile. It is better to wait for a study that shows the pill has undergone rigorous testing.