Teen’s Idea Could Save Federal Government $400 Million?


What started as a simple school project turned into one of the most brilliant ideas ever introduced by a teenager. The 14 years old Suvir Mirchandani has caused quite a buzz with his ingenious study in which he claims that by simply changing fonts, the government can literary save millions of dollars from its yearly printing budget.

According to his study, for which he used publicly available data, by simply switching to the thinner Garamond font, the State and Federal government together can save approximately $400 million of their printing budget.

In order to prove his theory, Suvir run several of tests in which he first printed official documents using standard fonts and printers commonly found in government offices. Afterwards, he made other copies of the same documents, but with one little change, he used the Garamond font. The results confirmed his theory, change the font, and save money.

The news of his findings even got to the government officials who were impressed by Suvir’s work. According to Gary Somerset who acts as a media and public relation officer at the Government Printing Office, Suvir’s work is “remarkable”. However, he did not say whether the government will implement some of his findings, are they take into consideration or will be discussed in near future.

But, that didn’t discouraged the young Suvir who is aware of the fact that it takes time to implement such big project and that are plenty of factors to be taken in consideration, at least when it comes to the government.

What’s more interesting, without any exception every experts which heard about this project and was consulted agreed that the change brings immediate savings and that the government should make an effort to implement Suvir’s findings. Additionally, they all agreed that his findings are applicable everywhere, meaning that everyone using a printer can cut costs.