Tax Relief In The Form Of Vehicle Fee Cuts


The senate rolled back the vehicle fee increment made during the Great recession in 2009 as the economy is recovering now and is in a better position in terms of revenue generation. Thus it will be much cheaper for the people of Florida now to renew their vehicle registrations in the future years and it will have an impact ranging from heavy automobiles, mobile homes and boat registrations. It will be kind of an immediate relief from the scorching burden of Tax. It will come to effect from September 1st and will make the renewal of vehicle cheaper by $400 million in the coming years for the Florida motorists.

It is also taken up as a key issue in the re-election campaign by Governor Rick Scott who was completely in favor of this decision and also considered it as a great way of returning money into the hands of the people of Florida. There are other influential and important public figures like senate democratic leader Chris Smith defending the decision of the legislature in face of the overall economic recovery.

The whole agenda is a part of an overall $500 million tax and fee cutting package to be considered by the lawmakers. The fee cuts would vary depending on the type and size of the individual motorists. While it will reduce the annual registration fee to be paid for the large non-commercial cars and trucks, smaller cars and mobile home, boat registration, it will not roll back the new vehicle registration fees.