Smell Messaging?


Can you imagine receiving smell messages? Smells of curried chicken, spicy noodles, fresh paint, and other enticing aromas wafting from your phone? How can this be? Well, you will be experiencing smell messages by July. This is what the oPhone does.

The oPhone is the newest invention and is the first of its kind. Dr. David Edwards, a Biomedical engineer, in collaboration with Paris perfumers and baristas created an array of scents embedded in “Ochips”. Eyal Shahar, an MIT electrical engineer, has designed the containers for Ophone.

This newest gadget will be used to send messages containing various mixes and matches of aromas. For the first batch, 365 combinations are available. In the coming year, several thousands of newer scents will be made available. Initially, the first Ophones will be made available to coffee lovers. However, on July 10 the first-ever olfactory social network will be made available. It will be accompanied by a free app for sending smell note by email or text. Any normal phone can receive the message and the recipient can download it from various areas in Boston, where the first launch will happen.

There are great possibilities in this new venture. oPhone is opening new doors to how we communicate. It is true current communication market is almost saturated. This newer concept can be an interesting concept that will capture the attention of many consumers. There is also a plan of using smell emoticons for oPhone. A public interface will also be offered for various networks outside Boston that will allow users to trade recipes and cooking tips.

With the use of our olfactory senses, oPhone will open greater ventures and provide new experiences via smell messages.