Sleep Deprivation Causes Brain Damage


Many of us have to work extra hours due to a hectic lifestyle. Some try to cope with power naps. Such practices can prove to be irreparable. The brain incurs injuries due to sleep loss. This is according to neuroscientist Sigrid Veasey.

The myth about long naps does not provide any benefits at all. Based on a study, the brain is weakened after long spans of sleep deprivation. An actual study proves that lab mice loss a staggering 25% of neurons due to lack of sleep. Sirtuin type 3 is a protein that is produced by nerve cells for protection and energy boost, when there is lack of sleep. However, habitual loss of sleep causes shut down for nerve cells and causes accelerated death, thus causing loss of brain cells.

However, humans may react differently. Thus, a more intensive study is needed to see if there is similar damages to human nerve cells. The result of the study would benefit many individuals working on longer shifts.