Sheriffs Refuse to Enforce Some Gun Laws


The Burlington voters have recently passed two gun control measures, which restrict people from carrying guns in the restaurants and the bars. They have also allowed the police to confiscate guns during domestic disputes and have made the requirement for the guns to be safely locked up in homes. This is what the coalition of sheriffs nationwide is vehemently opposed. They have called upon the law enforcement officers all around the nation to defy the gun control measures, which they term unconstitutional and improper.

The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association which has the belief of the sheriffs being the officers who are entrusted with the task of protecting the rights of the citizens, have said in their official statement that as many as 500 police officials and 17 associations have pledged their unconditional support against such unconstitutional gun control measures.

The idea of the law enforcements officers defying law publicly is not a great sign anyway. But sheriffs and officers from all around the nation like Connecticut and Colorado have stepped up against the laws that require gun registration and high capacity magazines. Saratago Springs has seen such demonstrations as well with gun registration forms being burnt in public.