Russia Today in the Hot Seat

Russian Flag

The Washington-based network Russia Today has again been put into the spotlight. The event that led million of viewers to look into Russia Today or otherwise known as RT is when one of its anchors resigned on air.

RT was the talk of the town on Wednesday. The Filipina-Hungarian-American and RT America correspondent, Liz Wahl, announced her resignation on air. Stating that she will not be anymore take part in the whitewashing the actions of Putin under the network being funded by the Russian government. She even mentioned on the last part that she is a proud American, who will only continue to tell the truth.

Russia Today said on defense that if an anchor were against the editorial position it would be wise to discuss it with the editor. However, going on air with such a decision could be only for personal gain.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper then interviewed Wahl on Wednesday night. She mentioned that she does not deny that it is for personal gain but was afraid of certain repercussions. She later on decided to hold on to her belief despite of what she may fear. According to her, RT is all about promoting a Putinist agenda and most of its coverage leans toward the point of view of Moscow.