Risk Of Heart Attack Greater In People With Anger Issues


Anger issues can cause a person to alienate themselves from friends, family, and other social contacts. However, experts are now finding significant health concerns stemming from these same anger concerns.

The two main health concerns for people with anger issues are heart attack and stroke. People who are at risk for these conditions should be especially wary.

The two hours after an anger episode is the time to be most worried about a health incident. During this time, you may still be worked up. This can increase your blood pressure and put a strain on your heart. Unfortunately, this could adversely affect your heart, and you could find yourself in a hospital bed shortly after.

There are plenty of ways to calm yourself down if you are susceptible to anger. Breathing exercises and regular yoga have been shown to greatly reduce the stress on the heart. Other ways to help your body handle an anger episode is to work on your anger directly. There are a number of facilities offering anger management classes. Of course, it is a good idea to eat better and exercise, too.

Anger issues occur to everybody, but some people experience more anger than others do. If you feel that your levels of anger are higher than normal, it is in you and your heart’s best interest to consult a physician. Your doctor can talk to you about ways to help keep you healthy. By resolving anger issues and having a healthier lifestyle one can prolong their life span.