Ordering Your Alcohol Online?


Ann Arbor is perhaps witnessing one of the most interesting developments of the year. It is now the second location of the launch of an online alcohol delivery service. The University of Central Florida was the first in the list and now it is the turn of Ann Arbor. Working under the alcohol regulations prevalent in Michigan this service is being offered in collaboration with the local alcohol agents.

This alcohol delivery service can be accessed online on the internet or can even be used from an app. There is an exhaustive list of options available in this service portal and orders are taken even for the drinking cups. The order is instantly processed and you get your favorite liquor or beer in a fast turnaround time of 30 to 60 minutes. The age is verified online while ordering and there is the verification of age at the location of delivery as well. With a multitude of offers, this online alcohol delivery service is an instant hit in this area. This is what the co-founder of this service Mr. Jeff Nadel claims. He also believes that this service will definitely reduce the drink and drive instances and also its circumstances.