Microsoft Office Finally Comes to iPad


The long wait is over as the huge company Microsoft has finally announced that Microsoft Office can now be utilized for touch screens more so with tablets such as the iPad. Microsoft’s new named CEO SatyaNadella which made his first public appearance Friday has revealed the new suite which includes the apps Office and Excel.

With regards to its look, not much has changed with Microsoft Word and Excel though a lot of its interface was tweaked and simplified to make it more user friendly and less stressful. For Word, emphasis on the formatting options was enhanced while for Excel, it will be able to interpret the data you are working at for easy formatting and for appropriate type of graphs.

With the new productivity suite launched, the Microsoft OneDrive was also integrated at the app wherein all documents can be backed up and synced into Microsoft’s Cloud. A virtual storage for easy storage of files. In addition, multi-user has also been enabled for this app.

This assertion was first launched with Apple’s iPad only due to its impact amongst tablets. But the question is, how essential will it be for this recent release from Microsoft given the fact that there have been different apps released on the app store prior to.

Office for iPad will be available for download on the iTunes App Store for free, but is restrained to viewing of documents only and a subscription of a minimum of $70 a year for creating or modifying documents.