New Luxury Services And Better Privacy For Airlines’ Top Passengers


Various airlines are now improving their services especially when it comes to their international first-class service. However, compared to the common upgrades, which usually include better comfy chairs or meals, some airlines focused on their first-class passengers’ privacy.

Some of the recent upgrades include the addition of private check-in areas on terminals. First class passengers and top customers will pass through hidden doors that will lead them ahead of the security lines. Some airlines who added these services include the United Airlines and the American Airlines.

American Airlines added this service for their terminals in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and Chicago. Unites Airlines on the other hand, provided private check-in areas for their terminals in Newark and in Chicago.

Delta Air Lines and United Airlines will drive their top passengers from one plane to the next plane without having to enter the terminals. Delta Air Lines will provide ride on a Porsche while United Airlines will use Mercedes-Benz GL-Class cars.

Other luxury features offered by airlines for their first-class and top passengers are private suits offering separate security and immigration screening, while other airlines setup a whole new terminal and even a separate floor just for their top passengers.