Naples Police To Ride Along Bicyclers To Better Enforce The Three-Foot Law

Bike Riders

Bicycling has been promoted in various parts of the country especially in Florida not only for its health benefits to bicyclists but also to the environment. However, bicyclists are faced with various dangers when passing through main roads. A lot of reported accidents involve bicyclists being hit by cars and various vehicles. To provide a better, safer road for the cyclists, a law has been passed ordering drivers to provide a 3-foot clearance to cyclists when passing through them.

However, in Naples, 3 years after the law was imposed, a lot of bicyclists have been reported to have been hit. The three-foot law is not being properly enforced with only 3 tickets issued by the Naples Police Department for the violation of the said law for the past 3 years.

To better enforce the law, the Naples Police Department has strategized a plan. This is by going along with the cyclists to see if violations are being made and issue tickets to the drivers. Some police wore riding gears instead of their uniforms and joined a group of cyclists.

According to one officer, the plan is good since they can immediately take corrective actions since they can see the actual events and violations being made.