Military Develops Pizza With Three Year Shelf Life

Soldiers Eating

Good news for all pizza lovers in active warzones! A US military lab has just devised a pizza that can stay fresh up to three years and can be consumed straight from its pack.
In response to soldiers’ demands for pizza as a Meals Ready to Eat (MRE) option, these researchers spent years figuring out how to keep pizza from going bad. Pizza tends to go bad because of the moisture present in the tomato sauce and cheese that gets into the dough and attracts fungi and bacteria. These scientists found that by using humectants – food agents that bind to water and prevent it from getting into the dough – and by changing the acidity levels of all the ingredients, it was possible to prevent the pizza from getting moldy and turning sour. They have also packed iron into the packaging to prevent moisture from the air getting in, for good measure.
So, does it taste as good as it sounds? According to food scientists who have tried it out, the pizza tastes like a pan pizza that you typically can order at a pizza place or restaurant. While the crust is not as crunchy as it should be, the overall flavor seems to pass most taste tests. In addition, the pizza will not be hot if the soldier is consuming it in the field.
Flavors for now include pepperoni and turkey pepperoni. Stand ready, our good men and women down range, your order is coming right up!