Migraine Fighting Tech Approved


Say goodbye to migraine headaches. Individuals suffering from mild to severe migraine can now sigh in relief. The Food and Drug Administration has finally approved a headband that would prevent migraine headaches – called Cefaly.

The nerve-stimulating headband is a great option for migraine sufferers (18 years and older) who cannot stand migraine medications. The Cefaly device is a plastic band powered by batteries. It is worn across the forehead and uses an adhesive electrode. The band is emitting low electrical currents and it stimulates the nerves related to migraine pains. The person will be using the band not exceeding 20 minutes per day. The user might feel a tingling sensation on the skin where the electrode is directly applied.

According to a study, reviewed by the FDA, band users compared to those using a placebo device are experiencing fewer migraines. However, one should know that Cefaly does not totally eliminate migraines but only prevents or minimizes its occurrence. The study showed that most patients are quite satisfied with the nerve-stimulating headband. Some are thinking of buying it once it is available in the market.

Cephaly does not have any adverse effects. The Cephaly Technology of Belgium manufactures the said product.