Meet Anzu Wyliei: The Bird From Hell?


Anzu wyliei is a birdlike dinosaur that roamed the earth around 66 million years ago. This 600-pound dinosaur has very large hands with sharp claws, bird-like beak, large crest atop its skull, apparent feathers, and a long bony tail. It is a cross between a velociraptor and an ostrich. This 11 ½ -foot-long egg-stealing oviraptor is one of the largest yet to be found in America. Vegetation and small animals are part of the birdlike dinosaurs’ diet.

Four scientists teamed up to piece together 75% to 80% of the Anzu wyliei skeleton. According to an evolutionary biologist, also a part of the team, what they have pieced together was the largest skeletons of Anzu Wylei that was uncovered. Commercial fossil hunters in South Dakota dug two of the fossils during the 1990s. The three fossils dating to Cretaceous period came from a rock formation in North and South Dakota called Hell Creek. One of the specimens had a broken rib while the other skeleton had a busted toe. The injuries are probably caused by trying to escape being eaten by a Tyrannosaurus rex or otherwise known as King of the Dinosaurs. Currently, a replica of Anzu wyliei is being displayed at Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh.