Mandatory Rear View Cameras


Every year there are almost 210 backover deaths. It might come as a surprise, but about a third of the mentioned deaths are children and their parents when backing out of their garage or driveways usually causes the accident.

Now, a new ruling finalized by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that will take effect by May 2018 can save between 59 and 69 backover deaths a year. All automakers will be required to put up backup cameras in most new vehicles such as cars, SUVs, minivans, and even some small trucks or buses. This newest feature will help improve rear visibility. It can eliminate rear parking problems too.

During 2008, a similar law requiring installation of backup cameras was created. However, it was never implemented. This additional safety system would cost about $140 for every new vehicle. For vehicles, with in-dash displays, the cost would be much lower. Luxury vehicles and other newer vehicles already have back up or rear facing cameras installed as added safety features.

Having a backup camera is indeed and added safety measure that will be welcomed by drivers and vehicle owners.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, by finalizing this ruling, is ensuring additional safety measures for all vehicle owners.