Man To Jump From Mount Everest In A Wingsuit


Mount Everest is known to be the highest mountain peak in the world thus the term ‘roof of the world’. A lot of people have successfully reached the highest point of the mountain for years now. However, compared to the conventional way of descending after reaching the top, which is by foot, one adventurer is planning to descend by jumping using his wingsuit.

Joby Ogwyn is a 39 years old expert mountain-climber who has reached the top of Mount Everest many times. He reached the summit of Mount Everest when he was only 24 years old making him the youngest American to reach the roof of the world during that time.

However, on his next quest on May, he is not planning to descend from the summit the usual way. Instead of descending by foot or through paragliding, he will jump using his custom wingsuit.

Ogwyn already made a test jump along the mountain 3 years ago but from an airplane. On his interview on CNN, he said that he is not afraid to die and that jumping on a wingsuit from Mount Everest’s summit has always been his dream. The plan is to reach the summit, change into his wingsuit, and wear his helmet then jump.