Look! There’s A Crocodile Up That Tree

croc in tree

Believe it or not, crocs can climb trees. This is what researchers of University of Tennessee found out. Crocs also rest on trees as high as 32 feet. It might seem odd but there are actually 4 species of crocodile that can climb trees. Isn’t that amazing?

It is also true that the smaller crocodiles can climb higher than the large crocs. This might be mind boggling how this large heavy reptile can go up a tree. Actually, this is possible if the branches of the tree are wide enough. According to some study, some crocodile species does this to check out their territory and regulate their body temperature. Although, it might sound an unnatural thing for a crocodile but believe it or these reptiles can climb a tree. Next time you want to lie down under the shade of a big tree or climb it, do check it out for this scary reptile.