Last Case of Polio in India


The fight against Polio in India was never easy. Once the epicenter of Polio in the world, India is now a totally polio free nation with no documented reports of fresh polio after the year 2011. Rukhsar Khatoon the last documented case of Polio in the country has been kind the center of attention of the country in this regard. She has been like the valiant face of the country and the poster girl for all such adds coming up to commemorate this great achievement.

Rukhsar redeveloped polio in early 2011 after she was not administered polio drops by her parents. Early after birth Rukhsar was suffering from liver infections and other allied diseases and her parents did not want to overburden their child with excessive drugs. She finally had a swollen leg and was confirmed to have developed polio after a few tests.

Rotary International, the organization that took up this difficult task of eradication Polio from the country had to face many obstacles in its path as well, recollects Mr Deepak Kapur a businessman who heads this polio campaign in India.

The WHO is officially going to declare India as a polio free nation on 27th march, and the last time the WHO did this was in the year 2002 after European Union was declared Polio free. The three nations that still are in the grip of polio related diseases are Pakistan, Nigeria and Afghanistan. Leaving the Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean all the parts of the world are now Polio free.