Laser Beams A Hazard For Aircrafts

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The FBI is now offering a $10,000 reward for anyone that reports a laser attack that ends in an arrest.



Do you know that pointing laser beams at an aircraft can put you in jail? In Southwest Florida, pointing laser beams at a plane is a federal offense. The offender can go to jail for 5 years and has to pay a fine of $250,000 if found guilty.

It was found out that in 2013 alone, there are 322 pilots who claimed were hit by lasers while flying over Florida. As many might not know, the green beam of light is quite intense and can cut through the night sky. Once it hit the plane’s cockpit, the pilot is blinded by the intense green light. Thus affecting the ability of the pilot to safely fly the aircraft. Even if it is just a manner of seconds, it can put the pilot, its crew, and passenger in great danger.

Being seen as an imminent hazard and considered as a federal offense, the FBI has formed a strike team to track down individuals who are doing it. Just to let you know, there 22 arrests in Lee County alone for such a crime.

If you visit online stores there are various lasers being sold. There are even higher powered lasers that can pop a balloon or ignite a match. According to an eye specialist, these strong lasers can result to great damage to the eye. Based on FBI reports, some pilots have suffered grave injuries such as burned retinas.

For some playing with lasers might just be for innocent fun. But do beware, such ignorance can cost you more than you have bargained for.