Land Designated For Mobile Home Park To Be Site Of Residential Complex

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Decades ago, the land by U.S. 41 and Collier Blvd in Naples was assigned to be a mobile home site. After years and years of inactivity, the housing committee is considering reallocating the space to house a 40+ residential complex, fully equip with docks and a pool or recreation center.

One of the biggest reasons to relocate the mobile home site is that the land is in a high-hazard flood zone. Mobile homes are not very stable in these conditions. It is not safe or economical to place unstable mobile homes in this area. There are still several issues for the housing committee to consider. Road access could be a significant problem. In addition, they will have to check on things such as the water supply.

These are more or less standard procedures before a construction project, though. The land is currently not being used for the mobile home site it was once designated for with good reason. Instead of letting the land sit, it can be used to house more people in the area. We do not have to let such a beautiful space go to waste. The Collier County Commission will be looking into things this Thursday at 9 in the morning.