Identity Attacks At Large – Prevent Yourself, File Your Taxes Early


Identity theft is a very rampant these days and this is what some people in the Lee County are facing. Some of the residents of this area when they were trying to file their income tax were alerted by the IRS officials that someone else has already filed their tax returns. Amazed by this discovery most of the residents of the Lee County area took the help of the police. Nevertheless, the police officials say that they are witnessing many such identity attacks in the past few months. The number of such attacks is as much as eight per month as per the Cape Coral Police officials.

In this scenario is advised that you file your income tax well in advance so that you can minimize the risk of such identity attacks. Filing your income tax early will not provide a full proof solution this menace but will definitely minimize such risks. In addition, you are advised not to carry your social security card in your wallet. It is true that we will continue to see such attacks in the future and the number will surely increase with time but the need of preventive efforts from your end is an absolute necessity.