Healthier School Lunches Across 11 States

Healthy Food

First Lady Michelle Obama spearheaded the campaign for healthy foods in various schools across the US. By Tuesday, the White House and the Agriculture Department will propose newer rules to put a limitation to unhealthy foods being served in schools. The proposal has hopes to eliminate promotion of junk foods and sugary drinks around campus.

The proposal would certainly affect advertisements on scoreboards during a basketball or football game. Such initiatives are actually part of Mrs. Obama’s “Let’s Move”, which was formed to prevent rampant child obesity. This new ruling will provide more youngsters access to free snacks and guarantee that schools are following wellness policies. The ruling also conforms to the USDA regulations that also compel healthier school lunch lines.

It was also mentioned that the healthy food campaign in schools would be launched next school year. Even vending machines will be required to follow the ruling thus serving only healthy foods with calorie, fat, sugar and sodium limits during the school day.

For every new policy, there will always be a few antagonists. The government is well aware of kids who are not into healthier foods. On the other hand, USDA will permit schools to come up with some alternatives that will still be monitored. The program was already given a run through by the USDA in order to conveniently initiate it to all schools across the US states. The Obama administration will further provide newer school wellness policy guidelines. Schools are also required to update or provide their own policies. The new rules have also obliged parents and the entire school community to participate in decision-making.