Greater Naples YMCA To Match Funds Pledge By Best Buy Founder


After being greatly damaged by fire last November 2013, the Greater Naples YMCA building have big hopes to totally recover and rebuild after the challenge pledge offered by Best Buy Founder, Dick Schulze.

According to the news, Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation, founder of Best Buy has pledged to donate $1.5 million to the organization. However, in order to receive the whole amount, the Greater Naples YMCA must first match the amount through the donations of other donors.

President and chief executive officer of the organization, Paul Thein, said that the amount pledged by Schulze would be a huge help to the organization’s effort to meet its fundraising goal of $4 million. If the organization meets the pledge, Greater Naples YMCA’s fundraising goals will be totally achieved by 2014.

It will totally disappoint the organization if they cannot match the pledged amount especially when the amount will be a great factor to the rebuilding efforts of the organization.

The organization has already received more than $1 million donations. However, the previous donations will not be counted toward the challenge.

According to Thein, the donations for this year will be used for the phase two of the rebuilding process. Phase 2 will include the rebuilding of a new basketball court and classrooms for various lessons like achieving a healthy lifestyle and preparation of nutritious meals. They will also build new spaces for yoga lessons and spinning.

YMCA will host a charity ball on February 21 and all donations from the ball will be used to match the funds pledged by Schulze Family Foundation