Goblin Shark Captured In Key West By A Fisherman


A rare species of shark, a Goblin Shark, was caught by a fisherman off the coast of Key West Florida. Biologists expressed their sentiments by calling it “an important scientific discovery” because a similar type of shark has never been caught in the Gulf of Mexico except on one former occasion.

Carl Moore, the commercial fisherman who has an experience of more than 5 decades as a Shrimper, reported that he has never seen such ugly thing in his life. He further proceeded with his statements to KeysNet.com and described the shark’s teeth as wicked in looks. His crew was restricted from going near the caught goblin shark by the leader.

Caught on April 19, its public announcement was made on Friday when The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration were made aware of the rare species of the caught shark. Basically, the presence of pink-shark is found off the coast of Japan and each one of the rarely found shark is estimated to be about 18-feet long in size.

A barrel full of shrimp was used to pull the caught Goblin Shark from about 2000 feet below the sea level. A shark expert at NOAA, John Carlson, was excited with the news and described the event as “Great News”. He confirmed The Chronicle that it is the second sighting of the pink-shark in the Gulf. He further told that this species of shark swims around the deep water bodies in South Africa and in the Indian Ocean.

The crew of Carl Moore released the enormous shark. Therefore, a complete examination could not be done. Carlson, however, reported that the captured shark was a female. He was satisfied by the act of releasing the shark as he expressed that he knows the value of preserving things and he is concerned about his ocean.

Similarly, a group of young men hooked and caught a 17 foot hammerhead shark on an undisclosed piece of Fort Myers real estate (www.fortmyersrealestate.com). Though they were happy to make the announcement, they refused to give away their trade-secret location.