Fraudulent Sgt. Michael Wilson Memorial Fund


Fraudulent means are quite rampant nowadays and Charlotte County residents have been victimized especially living in the area of Midway near Lakeview Boulevard. Residents along the area have reported that they have been receiving envelopes asking for donations for the Sgt. Michael Wilson Memorial Fund.

Base on the Sheriff’s Office, they were able to meet with officials from the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church. The said church is located at Tamiami Trail in Port Charlotte. According to them, some of their printed offering collection envelopes have been missing. The said church however did not authorize set up a trust in Sgt. Wilson’s name. Moreover, the Wilson family has not conceded to such act.

Now, residents are being warned of such fraudulent actions. They are being advised to just throw away the said envelopes. In addition, in the case that they do across individuals giving out these envelopes, the person’s identity must be reported immediately.