Four Men Arrested for Base Jumping Off WTC


Just a week after the arrest of Justin Casquejo, a 16-year-old boy, for trespassing charges in One World Trade Center, 4 men were apprehended for certain law violations. On September 30, Kyle Hartwell, Andrew Rossig, Marko Markovich, and James Brady were doing BASE jumping stunt from the top of One World Trade Center. The four men parachuted from the height of more than 1,300 feet. The four were later on charged with reckless endangerment, jumping a structure, and burglary.

According to the suspects, the stunt was performed in a controlled manner and done professionally. There was a video footage and photographic evidence of the actual jump, which was found in the homes of the 4 men. The video showed the men jumping off 1 WTC, deployed their parachutes, and flew down to the highway in a secluded spot.

According to the investigation report, James Brady, one of the 4 suspects, was a construction worker at the site.  The 4 men got access to the site through a hole in the fence. They were actually surprised by the lack of security in the area. Furthermore, it is still unclear if the hole used was the same one that Justin Casquejo used to sneak into the famous One World Trade Center site.