Former World Champion Figure Skater Training Future Competitive Skaters

figure skater

figure skaterIf you love to watch figure skating, you might have seen him gracefully glide across the snow rink and do one his overwhelming dance routines over ice. Although, he has stopped competing 12 years ago but as a three-time Olympian and World Champion figure skater everyone knows who he is. Now Todd Eldredge is now coaching younger generation of figure skaters at Germain Arena.

Richard Callaghan, the former coach of Todd Eldredge, formed a partnership with his former protégé to train young skaters known as Champions of America. It was even said that these young skaters were being trained 3 hours in the morning on a daily basis.

Just watching the Sochi games and seeing the torch being lighted, Todd admits that he can still feel the excitement of being part of the Olympic Games. It was even noted that Todd Eldredge has high hopes for these skaters and dreams that he will be able to lead them to the Olympic Village in the near future.