Former FBI Agent To Open Private Investigation Firm In Saratosa

FBI Seal

Leo Martinez, a FBI special agent for almost 25 years will open his own private investigation firm in Saratosa, Southwest Florida. With the company name Executive Assessment Group, the private firm will provide background investigation services, surveillance, and will work with civil and criminal attorneys in the region. Martinez is one of the most prominent FBI special agents in Florida and was known for the numerous controversial cases he handled and solved.

Some of his most famous operations were chasing fugitives crossing the Texas border, indicting a prominent Texas sheriff for corruption, and he also helped in solving Mexican drug cartels.

According to the president of the Florida Association of Licensed Investigators, Tim O’Rourke, the transition from government to private sector will be a bit difficult for Martinez since he will face tough competition.

There are more than 2,800 private firms today in Florida and almost 7,800 private investigators working for these firms. 62 of the firms are based just in Saratosa. Aside from the competition, Martinez will also probably experience difficulties in terms of resources and tools. All those government tools that are easily accessible to him will no longer be available once he transfers to the private sector. However, despite these possible problems that he will face, Martinez is confident that his firm will still deliver a great job with the help of other experts in the field of private investigation.

Martinez enlisted the help of other professional crime-busting experts in the name of Mark Flint and Don Wenger. Mark Flint is a former special agent for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement while Don Wenger is a retired sheriff in Saratosa County specializing in the intelligence unit.

Famous for being the main investigator collecting evidences for the controversial Craig Adams flipping fraud case, a lot of people know and consider Martinez to be fair and top class professional.