Florida Topped The World’s Most Unprovoked Shark Attacks In 2013


According to a recent report, Florida has the most unprovoked shark attacks in the whole country last year with a total of 23 and even twice higher than the number of unprovoked attacks in other countries. The International Shark Attack File of the University of Florida however, stressed that none of the unprovoked shark attacks in Florida belonged to the 10 most fatal shark attacks in the whole world.

Unprovoked shark attacks are defined as those incidents where live humans encounter a shark within its natural habitat and have done nothing to provoke it. Unprovoked attacks do not include sharks attacking already dead bodies, sharks in aquariums, attacks were live humans provoked the shark.

In 2013, there are a total of 72 unprovoked attacks wherein 47 are in the US. From the 47 attacks, 13 are in Hawaii, 6 in South Carolina, and one each in California, Texas, Oregon, North Carolina, and Alabama. The lowest recorded attacks were in 2009 with only 67 unprovoked shark attacks reported.

For the past 10 years, Florida had an average of 21 unprovoked attacks. Most of these unprovoked shark attacks took place in Volusia County where Daytona Beach is located, a popular surfing destination. Most of the victims of shark attacks are surfers and other participants of water board sports.