Florida: Ranked 1 In Identity Theft


Florida is now ranked 1st in the country when it comes to identity theft. Federal Trade Commission released a warning stating that adults are not the only target victims of identity theft but even the young people especially those who are in college.

According to recent reports, identity thieves now target kids by getting their social security number and use this information to apply for various government benefits or health plans.

The FTC urges parents to also carefully protect their kid’s information. The Internal Revenue Service also issued a warning on tax filers since identity thieves can also use their social security numbers to file return.

According to the FTC, the best solution to avoid being victimized by ID thieves is to be proactive. Be always aware and vigilant since scammers and thieves can strike anywhere. FTC also advises people to avoid accessing crucial and sensitive information using Wi-Fi networks. Internet hackers can easily hack into these kinds of systems and get important information like bank accounts, addresses, contact information, and social security numbers.