FGCU Students Push to Ban Flags Not Made in America


Buying American flags from another country is seen as an insult to many Americans especially if that flag is in front of a government institution. Most of the flags are made in Vietnam and are quite popular since it is cheaper. Southwest Florida college students are trying to stop this practice. They claim that American flags used in the country should be US made. Even a Vietnam War veteran demands a flag he fought for be made from his own country.

In Tallahassee, there are 2 lawmakers who insist that local and state governments should only procure American-made flags. A government leader can be penalized with a second-degree misdemeanor if found to be using an American flag not made in the US.

The law encompassing the use of American-made flags will be effective in July, if passed. Congress, on the other hand, had submitted a similar law that requires Pentagon to only use American flags that are made in American lands.