Facebook Tracks Friends in Real Time


Nearby Friends is Facebook’s latest app at the moment. This app provides location information so that friends can track each other in real time. The application has been created to make it a little easier to meet up in real life instead of having conversations through comment threads, Likes, and LOLs. An opportunity is also created for friends to take selfies together and upload the images to Facebook owned Instagram.

An added bonus is that the Nearby Friends feature is not turned on by default like previous applications, which caused uproar with privacy issues. You have to actually visit Facebook’s settings and turn this new feature on.

Whether you want to share your general location with Facebook friends, close friends or a certain list of people – the choice is entirely yours. Only friends who are using the same app as you may see your location.

Showing a list of approved Facebook friends, the app also shows approximate location and how many friends are nearby. Nearby Friends app comes in handy if you need to coordinate a large group of friends at crowded social events.

There are a few apps other than Facebook and Instagram, which already include “check-in” locations. What makes them unique is that you decide when to make your location public. Information is continuously being collected instead of waiting for a manual update of your location.

Similar popular apps such as Highlight and Facebook owned Glancee connected strangers together. From that public feature, it has now turned into a more private functioning application. Once you have switched on the Nearby Friends feature, Facebook is continuously collecting data that indicates current and past locations.

The location history may also be switched off in the Facebook app’s settings or individual locations may also be deleted. The choice is always yours to make.