Earlier Gator Mating Season This Year Due To Warm Weather

croc in tree

It can be a horrendous experience to see gators in your property. Many are petrified of these scaly reptiles. In an East Naples complex in Coral Falls, Tony Hamm caught an 8-foot-long alligator hiding in the bushes with its spiked tail in plain sight.

Many onlookers have gathered and witnessed how the gator was caught. Tony Hamm secured the reptile’s snout with an electrical tape and jumped on its back. Once the gator’s mouth is sealed shut it can do minimal damage unless it is a huge one. The 180-pound thick-skinned creature was later on loaded at the back of his pickup truck to be relocated.

In some instances, not all captured gators are released unto the wild or relocated. Some are put into alligator farms or wildlife conservation. There are cases when dangerous gators are euthanized. The carcass or meat and the hide of the dead alligator are sold to processors. The trapper as an additional income will keep the proceeds.

Luckily for this onerous reptiles, trappers like couple Beth and Tony Hamm believes on conservation. Most of the gators caught by the couple in the past year went into a facility. The recently caught gator will go directly to a farm in Labelle for breeding purposes.

Numerous gator activities have been sighted in the recent weeks due to the unusual warm weather in the region. This early surge of gator activity can extend until early November. In addition, mating season will happen naturally from April to June. Better keep a lookout for these reptiles in your daily rounds.