Drone Stealing Data From Smartphones And Tablets


Looking for a free Wi-Fi hotspot? Better think again. Now, data theft is rampant and even your mobile phone or tab is susceptible to such threats.

Recently, the London skies have been used to test a drone that can get the contents from your smartphone or tablet. Snoopy is the newest drone (quadcopter) that is equipped with the latest technology on hacking your gadgets. All mobile devices have a built-in feature that helps to connect to the internet. The device will be searching for Wi-Fi settings it has used in the past. When the gadget does this, it becomes visible since it is noisily looking for the previous Wi-Fi settings it has accessed.

When this happens, Snoopy immediately latches on to it and sends back a signal imitating previous Wi-Fi networks the mobile device has connected before.  Once the connection is established with the drone or quadcopter, all the messages it has sent out and received will be intercepted.

The intercepted data may include credit card information you have used on different sites, usernames and passwords, and location data. Some of the data tells what company the person is working for or associated with. The one-hour test conducted over London resulted to various GPS coordinates and network names obtained from about 150 mobile devices.

Getting such information using such method can be considered as illegal. However, the creators of the drone Wilkinson and Daniel Cuthbert mentioned that the purpose of the research or study is to create awareness for numerous users of smart devices.