Delay The Start Of People’s Smoking Habits


Lately, studies have shown that smoking habits starts during the teenage years. This presented lawmakers a problem regarding tobacco control associated with public health. Most of the states have been implementing the 18-year-old threshold. There are four states, however, that moved the smoking threshold to 19 years old. These are Alabama, Alaska, New Jersey, and Utah. Today however, Colorado and Utah are raising the tobacco threshold age to 21. By moving up the threshold, they believe that people will somehow start their smoking habits at a later age. The law intends to make it harder for kids to obtain cigarettes and possibly reduce usage rates among adults. Annals of Internal medicine published in their journal last year that 90 percent of daily smokers in the country started their first cigarette at the age of 18. With the health risks that smoking provides, the study proved to be a cause to reevaluate the age limit for smoking in order to promote public health. With moving up the age threshold, higher tobacco taxes may also incur. Increase on tobacco prices will mean less consumption by those without jobs, which are usually the minors. With this new proposition, lawmakers seek to focus on improving public health and healthier habit among teenagers.