Bills To Overturn Pit Bull Bans Passed In Various States


Pit bulls are generally considered one of the most dangerous dog breeds thus the breed-specific laws banning dog owners to have pit bulls in various states in America. For 3 decades, pit bulls were feared and banned as pets because of their bad reputation and history of violent attacks.

However, attitudes towards pit bulls are now softening especially with the effort of many animal activists and TV shows showing that pit bulls are not dangerous dogs. With these efforts, lawmakers in some states are now considering and proposing laws that would stop breed-specific bans particularly bans on pit bulls.

According to spokeswomen Lisa Peters of the American Kennel Club, banning specific breeds of dogs is not the solution to minimize or stop dangerous dog attacks. Those who oppose the pit bull ban believe that the breed-specific ban discriminates against dog breeds that are not naturally aggressive or only became dangerous because of the improper caring of irresponsible owners.

Ron Hicks sponsored a bill forbidding breed-specific legislation in the Missouri House and was surprised that no one opposed the proposal during the committee hearing. State Senates in other states are also considering the same kinds of bills in Maryland, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Vermont.

Earlier this year, Garden City and Bonner Springs communities in Kansas abolished the pit bull bans. One of the pit bull owners in Bonner Springs, Summer Freeman, was forced to leave her pit bull named Titan in a shelter for almost 9 months when she moved into the community last year after her divorce. She did not know about the breed ban beforehand and was warned to get rid of her dog within 15 days. The ban was overturned this January.

Many pit bull owners insist that their pets are not dangerous. Pit bulls are friendly and loving just like other breeds of dogs.