Avoiding Near-Miss Crashes At Intersections


Driving perils are instantaneous. It can happen in a blink of an eye and can prove to be dangerous. Such hazards happen when drivers are not aware of certain traffic rules. Making U-turns at intersections have resulted to near-miss crashes most of the time. Actually, many are asking in such situations if who really has the right of way.

The key factors in such situations are the traffic lights. Many might not know this but the person who is making a U-turn at a green light has the right of way. Driving hazards arises when most drivers do not scan the road ahead for those making a U-turn. Traffic rules actually state that drivers making a right turn on a red signal should give way to vehicles making a U-turn.

In reality, there are signs informing drivers who should yield on certain situations but many of these drivers seldom pay attention to such road signage. Well, traffic signs are sometimes the ones causing traffic conflicts. For instance, a busy intersection in Cape Coral is considered an anomaly. Green arrows guides vehicles making a U-turn on Del Prado Boulevard and those turning right from Viscaya Parkway at the same time. The signage actually creates more confusion for drivers since no one really has an idea who has the right of way. Presently, the signal timing is being fixed by the Lee County Department of Transportation.