$9.5 Million Tiger Exhibit At The Jacksonville Zoo And Gardens


It is indeed exciting to see tigers on the move. Now this is possible. Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens features the Land of the Tiger exhibit and there are currently 5 tigers in the exhibit. Three are Mayan tiger brothers and the remaining two are Sumatran tigers.

According to the zoo’s executive director Tony Vecchio, it is more than 20 years since the zoo had tigers. He also added that tigers are the most requested animals that visitors wanted to see. Actually, the tiger exhibit is part of the zoo’s Asia Precinct expansion that began in 2009. The tiger exhibit itself was put into construction last April. The tiger exhibit gives the animals the freedom to roam the grounds within the exhibit. It encompasses a 2.5-acre area. The animals can be seen through glass and underwater viewing. The exhibit also includes a pair of babirusa pigs, a pair of wreathed hornbills, two wrinkled hornbills, and two Asian small-clawed otters. On top of it all, different species of Asian plants will be incorporated in this special themed exhibit. There will be Japanese blueberry trees, banana trees, ginger plants, ribbon and fan palms, different varieties of bamboo, ferns, grasses, and loquats.

The Land of the Tiger exhibit promises a show for the senses. It shall be an enthralling experience visiting the zoo. Furthermore, the zoo promises a reptilian exhibit to open in 2015.