14% Increase In January Tourism for Collier County

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Collier County saw a record number of guests in January due to the drop of temperature in various regions in the US. A month ago, bone-chilling temperatures up North, in addition to a substantial measurement of ice and snow, sent a greater number of vacationers than normal and kept them here more.

Indeed, a drastic drop in the temperature across the globe resulted to an increase in tourism for Collier County. The province saw 180,600 guests a month ago, up 8.1 percent year-over-year. More than $150 million of spending was injected into the nearby economy, 14.1 percent more than last January, consistent with a monthly report by Tampa-based Research Data Services Inc. In 2013, guest numbers climbed 6.1 percent and their economic impact increased 12.3 percent to more than $1.6 billion throughout the year. In January, population expanded 4.2 percent, the normal every day rate climbed 8.4 percent, and the income for every accessible room climbed 12.9 percent to $152.70 through the year.

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